Midigrow - kesakokon (1980?)


Face A: kesakokon (Scott Allen - Areisam - Bernie - Chobert) Arrangements: J.P. Massiera
Face B: les nanas du bois (Bernnie - Areaisam - Bettin - Lehnart) Arrangements: J.P. Massiera

"putain qu'il est con!"

Merci David Vincent!

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A La Piscine a dit…

Massiera mon idole !!!

Pipocolor a dit…

C'est le nouveau Zebda????

the saucer people a dit…

Wow! When you said you had some rare JP Massiera/Bernard Torelli rips to share you were not wrong! I have never heard of this before and judging by the lack of information on the single (and the fact I cannot find a single copy for sale even at a vasty over-inflated price) speaks volumes about just how rare it is!

I just cannot get over how good it is! Both tracks are just so perfect, JPM& BT really were at the height of their creative powers in the late 70s and early eighties (though of course I love everything he has done from 1968 onwards as I am sure you do!).

I contribute to a "disco" website that is quite well known called "Overfitting Disco" and I was hoping to post one of the tracks from Kesakokon and give the link to your blog for people to get it from...your blog definitely deserves more attention as its full of some wonderful records I have never seen posted elsewhere!

The list of JPM rips I have collected were for Moog from Moogsensations to have a look at but I am more than happy to swap some with you so if you tell me 3 or 4 releases from the list I will get them uploaded to mediafire for you and post the links here!